LEGO Luigis Mansion:Eingang-Erw (71399)

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With the extension set “Luigi‘s Mansion: Entrance” (71399) children from 7 years can explore a cemetery, defeat enemies and experience many more adventures. The cemetery has the new launch plate available from January 2022, a gate, a shadow ball with which you can knock around Mr. Finsterling, and a function for opening the castle gate. At the entrance of the mansion, you can discover a revolving platform and a digital golden bone for the friendly polterpincher. This set contains 3 LEGO Super Mario toy figures: Polterpinscher, Mr. Finsterling and a Buu Huu. (Note: The LEGO figures from Luigi and Mario are not included in the delivery. The starter sets 71360 or 71387 are required for the interactive game.)



Altersempfehlung: 7+ Anzahl Teile: 504 Achtung! Erstickungsgefahr. Kleine Teile und kleine Kugeln.

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